New Sabian Displays at House of Drums Stores!


Our 'House of Drums' stores - Manchester, Leeds, Northampton, Birmingham and Southend - now feature Sabian's new Dimension Wall Display, an improved way to showcase their fantastic range of cymbals and help you to choose the perfect Sabian cymbal for your needs! It also features a virtual salesman. But the 'Dimension Wall Display System' has even more to offer...


Sabian, as we all know, is one of the most popular manufacturers of drum cymbals in the world, and some top drummers such as Neil Peart, Terry Bozzio and Chad Smith make Sabian their top choice for cymbals.
Now, drummers visiting our House of Drums stores can have an improved shopping experience: The new Sabian Dimension Wall is the most flexible display available! One of the most innovative features of the Dimension Wall is its integrated Virtual Salesman, where with a quick scan of the QR code the customer can get immediate assistance choosing the perfect cymbal.
The Dimension Wall also contains built-in solutions for common problems in displaying hi-hats and cymbal packs. A new hi-hat arm makes hats easy to test and compare, for instance! Here's a couple of pics from some of our shops:







When you visit our House of Drums story you can also check the new Big & Ugly range from Sabian: a new collection of six unique Ride cymbals that are big, dark, loose and dynamic – but most importantly, they are huge fun to play. Although the collection contains cymbals that span four SABIAN cymbal series, all six models are united by their great complexity, versatility and distinctive appearance:

Sabian CEO Andy Zildjian commented:
“We know drummers are actively looking for new sounds, and more often than not, these new sounds are old sounds with modern characteristics. As a company that thrives on blending old world cymbal-making with cutting-edge innovation, SABIAN is perfectly positioned to deliver,” he said. “And while the name of the collection may be a little “out-there”, it’s meant to make a statement that these are the cymbals modern drummers are seeking: cymbals that are big – and ugly. Of course, ugly is relative – to us, they’re beautiful!” 
Now watch this time-lapse video of the new Sabian Dimension Wall being installed in our Southend store!




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Ivan Silva