Output Rev Sound Design Sampler



The first product from the creative minds at Output Software. Rev is a collection of instrument samples, loops and textures designed to be played in reverse. A unique concept and one that offers incredible potential for textures, pads, soundscapes and film soundtracks.

As a touchstone think of composers like Hans Zimmer and recent scores by Trent Reznor and Clint Mansell. The team at Output are musicians and composers themselves and it was their sole aim to make something that was instantly inspirational. With four sound engines that can be layered up and edited to create complex instruments or deep soundscapes there's endless potential as well.
The reviews have been glowing and Rev has already found it's way into the arsenal of numerous top composers.
“I'll admit I was skeptical... And then I played it. What an extraordinary library it has turned out to be... honestly there's nothing I can find fault with. Nothing.” - Guy Rowland, Scorecast Online Review
The sound quality speaks for itself however and the best thing to do is have a listen for yourself.

By Hugh McKenna