Reason 8 Rack Extension Offer


Reason comes chock full of great samples, synths, sequencers and FX but you can never have too many. Especially when they're professional grade Rack Extensions that would cost you £160 if bought separately.

Until 16/3/15 you can get the following free with the full version of Reason 8 and the Student Edition.

  • Propellerhead PX7 FM Synthesizer
  • Propellerhead Radical Keys
  • Propellerhead Rotor
  • Propellerhead Synchronous
  • That's realistic electric pianos, an impeccable recreation of everyone's favourite FM synth and stacks of modulation from the classic Leslie to extreme modern manipulation with Synchronous. To get our Rack Extensions simply purchase and register Reason before 16/3/15 and they will be automatically added to your account, just go to the Rack Extensions tab and press Sync All.