Focusrite Red Plugin Suite Free With Interfaces


Focusrite made their name with the original Forte console, but it was the Red series that brought them to the attention of a broad range of pro studios. The Red 3 Compressor in particular is a legendary piece of kit that has graced countless mixes, totally smooth and transparent as a buss compressor.

Similarly the Red 2 EQ has an airy character that makes it ideal for groups or busses but it's equally at home on critical things like vocals. Being plugins the only limitation is your processing power and DAW, being Focusrite you can be sure that they're just as high end as their analogue counterparts.
The really good news is that you can get these awesome plugins for free with Scarlett, Clarett, Saffire and Forte audio interfaces from Focusrite.

If you need any help downloading your plugins, watch this step-by-step video from Focusrite:


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Hugh McKenna