Meet The Teenage Engineering Pocket Synths


You might not be familiar with Teenage Engineering. A small company based in Sweden that focus exclusively on high quality and innovative new products. Until now that also meant quite pricey, but their new Pocket Operator synths are a major departure, perhaps the most affordable step sequenced synths we've ever seen.

The real question for synth heads is not whether you get one, more whether you get all three. The PO series all sync together and can make one almighty racket, beefy, distorted and lofi in the best possible way.

PO-12 Rhythm

Where better to start than the rhythm section. With the PO-12 Rhythm you get gloriously scrunchy sounding sampled drums as well as a complete drum synth engine. Get looping round, P-Lock drum sounds to vary the sound on any given step and when it all sounds good you can start using pattern chaining to create a more complex loop or complete song.

rhythm pocket synth operator


PO-14 Sub

The PO-14 Sub is pure filth with four different synth engines offering FM, classic subtractive, physical modelling and wavetable synth modes. Don't feel like you're missing out on rhythm either as the Sub also has a micro drum machine.

sub pocket synth operator


PO-16 Factory

Last but not least is the PO-16 Factory model which offers the greatest potential for complete arrangements thanks to it's Chord mode, Arpeggios and the micro drum machine (like the Sub). Also if you really dig the "Nintendo Game And Watch" vibe of the Pocket Operators then the PO-16 is where we would go for 8-Bit style sounds.

factory pocket operator synth

Check out this video to see 'em all in action!


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Hugh McKenna