Blackstar ID:Core BEAM Bluetooth Amplifier



Bass, Electric, Acoustic and Music  - that’s what the new Blackstar BEAM amplifier is all about, everyone jamming together and experiencing great tone, Bluetooth functionality and that awesome Blackstar sound.

Part of the Blackstar ID:Core family, the BEAM amp is the first Bluetooth facilitated product for Blackstar, which allows you to stream your music to the amplifier so you can play along to your favourite tunes. You can also get your friends involved on the session, as the BEAM is suitable for bass, acoustic guitar and electric guitar players and three guitar instruments can play concurrently through the amp.
Watch Blackstar's demo video of the ID:Core BEAM amp:

The Super Wide Stereo BEAM amp provides hi-fi quality music playback, and with a sealed and ported cabinet construction for optimum bass response and stereo definition, the ID:Core BEAM will become the central hub for musicians in your home.
Preorder the new Blackstar ID:Core BEAM Bluetooth amplifier here.

Blackstar ID:Core BEAM amplifier


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Sophie Moss