PMT's Tour of Yamaha Guitar Factories in Japan & China



This October Ben Wooton from PMT Bristol went to China and Japan courtesy of Yamaha to have a tour of their guitar factories with Lee ‘Giz’ Gibbs from PMT Manchester.


Take a look at Ben’s rundown of the five day Yamaha Tour below.


Saturday 25th October
I met Lee Gibbs from PMT Manchester at Heathrow airport for our very long flight to Toyko.

Yamaha Tour 25th October
Sunday 26th October
Arriving at Tokyo, wed met our Japanese tour guide and the rest of the group who were joining us on the Yamaha Tour. Including myself and Lee, there were twenty-three people from Europe on the Tour, including Martin Adam from Yamaha Guitars UK and Darren Power from Yamaha Head Office in Germany. We got a lift to the hotel on Yamaha's football team coach and went out for dinner and a wonder around Tokyo to take in the extraordinary sights.

Yamaha Tour 26th October
Monday 27th October
Today we had a coach tour of Tokyo and visited the oldest Buddhist temple in Tokyo at Asakusa. We had dinner at a sumo wrestling restaurant and left Tokyo for Hamamatsu on the JR Bullet Train that travels at 250mph! Arriving at Hamamatsu, we ate dinner at local traditional Japanese restaurant and drinks afterwards. I held an owl too!

Yamaha Tour 27th October
Tuesday 28th October
We visited the Yamaha Tenryu Plant and we were taken on a tour, being shown how Yamaha make their wonderfully-crafted instruments. We also went around the museum where Yamaha holds some old and prestigious instruments, including Santana and Paul Simon's guitars.

Yamaha Tour 28th October
Wednesday 29th October
We left Hamamatsu and travelled to Tokyo Airport for our departure for Hangzhou, China.

Yamaha Tour 29th October
Thursday 30th October
In China we visited another Yamaha Planet, this time in Hangzhou, to see how it compares to the Japanese Yamaha Plant. Both Plants have very similar techniques when it came to making guitars, proving the point that 'Made by Yamaha' means that no matter where a Yamaha Guitars is made, they’re all created by highly skilled luthiers who all build top quality instruments.

Yamaha Tour 30th October
After the tour of Yamaha’s Hangzhou Plant we got on a couch to Shanghai, were we all had our final meal together and went on the Bund Night River Cruise.

Yamaha Tour 30th October
Friday 31st October
Home time! We departed at Shanghai airport and flew back to Heathrow, but not before we said a very big PMT thanks to Yamaha for their inspirational and informative tours, the delicious meals out and their wonderful hospitality.

Yamaha Tour 31st October

See all of the pictures from the Yamaha Tour on PMT Bristol's Facebook page here.

By Sophie Moss