Nord Electro 5 Announced



The ultimate keyboard for live use has been updated and upgraded; with more effects, memory and a brand new shiny OLED screen. Nord's Electro 5D is high end gear for gigging musicians.

While the Stage is a phenomenal bit of kit and the C2D Organ is an incredible achievement, it's the Electro we turn to for playing live. It's light enough to cart around and since they added the Sample Library support in version 3, it has been possible load up with a vast array of sounds. Now the Electro 5 keyboards have managed to improve on perfection with expanded memory, features taken from those top end Stage/C2D models, a brand-new OLED display and set list management to get a handle on all your programs. All Nord gear is made with a specific purpose and the Electro 5 might just be the ultimate keyboard for gigging musicians, while MIDI, USB and deeper sound design features mean it's very happy to sit at the center of your studio too.

The Nord Electro 5D 61 Stage Keyboard, 5D 73 Stage Keyboard and 5 HP 73 Stage Keyboard are available to pre-order at PMT now.




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Sophie Moss