New Orange Crush Amps Announced


Most guitarists love a good valve amp, but the new Orange Crush amps have arrived to show us all how good a solid-state amp can be, when done right: with fully analogue signal path, quality  Voice of the World speakers and new high-gain preamp, these new models have that classic Orange tone, and sound warmer and more tube-like than any other solid state amps!


Solid-state amps have some advantages over valve amps - lighter, cheaper and easier to maintain. However, 9 out of 10 times they lose out on a very important factor - tone!
But the new Orange Crush series, announced today just ahead of NAMM Show 2015, are proof that when done right, a great quality solid-state amp sound almost as good as a valve amp! With the warmth, power and tone you'd expect from much more expensive Orange models, the Orange Crush amps are perfect for home practice, recording and even gigging.

The new Crush series includes: Crush 12 (pic above), Crush 20, Crush 20 RT (with Reverb & Tuner) and Crush 35 RT (with Reverb, Tuner and FX Loop).
Some of the great upgrades include Voice of The World Speakers, and Headphone outputs with the new CabSim technology, which simulates the sound of an Orange 4x12 cabinet.
These amps will be showcased at NAMM 2015 in Annaheim, California, which starts this week, and are sure to become very popular! To put it this way - if you don't want to invest on a valve amp, then these new Orange Crush amps are a fantastic option, delivering the tone and feel of much more expensive guitar amplifiers!
Watch our exclusive video:


Also announced today, two great bass amp heads, both of them designed to sound like two different amps which you can blend. These bass heads are an effective solution for bass players who like having two different amps, usually a guitar amp for extra crunch, besides a regular bass amp.
The Orange OB1-300 and OB1-500 over a wide range of tones and plenty of power for the gigging musician.
Watch the OB1 Series overview video:

Finally, Orange is also releasing a new, great-quality bass speaker cabinet. The 600 Watt Isobaric 2X12" Eminence Neodynium Bass Speaker Cabinet is a perfect complement to the OB1-300 and OB1-500, and its clever design positions one speaker behind the other, creating an airtight, phase coherent chamber for outstanding projection in a more compact enclosure than a traditional 2×12.

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