Buy Focusrite ISA 430 MKII , Get FREE Digital Card Worth £299!


The Focusrite ISA 430MKII is the most versatile Channel Strip, and features Focusrite's ultimate heritage sonic signature including transformer-based mic pre, EQ and compressor. Now, you'll get a 192kHz/24-bit 2-channel AD conversion card which comes free with this current deal! But hurry up because this is a very limited offer!


This is the perfect time to buy your Focusrite ISA 430 MKII Channel Strip! This is a very versatile and useful unit with great features, such as:
Full Control over Dynamics: The mic pre suits almost all mics including vintage and 'difficult' models such as ribbons.
Four Units in One, Independently Accessible: Use the mic pre, EQ, Dynamics and A-D converter independently, or route them to build powerful simultaneous processors. Reorder different sections to create multiple alternative signal paths.
Powerful Processing Options: Insert HPF, LPF and EQ into the Dynamics sections for frequency-sensitive processing - Listen function lets you audition the side-chain to fine-tune the effect.
Control Over Dynamics: Expander/gate features "hysteresis" setting to avoid chattering on difficult signals. De-esser is based on phase cancellation at the chosen frequency, for more natural sound.
Lundahl LL1538 Input transformer: The original mic transformers used in the original Red modules help to provide the unique sound and performance of this groundbreaking design.
Backlit VU Meter with Variable Calibration: ISA 430MkII has a moving coil VU meter with variable calibration to suit analogue and digital recording media, alongside two six-LED peak meters. Inputs can be metered either pre- or post-insert.
Buy the ISA 430 MKII between now and February and get a Focusrite ISA One 430 MK II A/D Card (SRP £299.99) for FREE, shipped with your order.

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