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Rupert Neve is an electronics genius whose creations helped to define the sound of modern music. Albums by artists such as Nirvana, Arctic Monkeys, Metallica and Fleetwood Mac benefited from his mixing consoles' famous "Neve Sound". Now he's joined forces with sE Electronics to create high-end microphones unlike any others, available for half-price THIS WEEKEND ONLY!


Despite not being widely known by the public, Rupert Neve has achieved over the past 60 years an unparalleled status among recording industry professionals. Neve is an electronics guru and genius inventor who's respected by famous musicians and producers, due to his fundamental role in defining the sound of modern music.
In the early sixties, Neve invented the first ever tube mixing console, and helped to change the recording industry forever:

Rupert Neve's inventions marked a great leap in the quality of recording equipment, and his microphone preamps, equalizers and mixing consoles are considered classic gear, sought after by industry professionals and a sure sign of quality. Any recording studio which has Neve gear can instantly be recognized as a quality place! So much so, in fact, that Dave Grohl made a whole documentary about one such studio, Sound City, which also helped to highlight the importance of Rupert Neve:

Now, Neve has tackled the challenge of creating the best ever ribbon microphones, with the help of sE Electronics. And, by all accounts, he's succeeded!
These microphones were made according to his own specifications, to sound as if they'd already gone through a Neve mixing console - a truly original and daring concept! According to sE Electronics, they were able to realise a quality level in microphone technology that no other manufacturer to date has managed to achieve.
Neve designed a range of microphones that uses the same concepts already in use on his famous 5080 mixing console - Discrete Single-Sided Circuits and custom designed transformers.
The microphones are in stock now, available for HALF-PRICE THIS WEEKEND ONLY!
SE Electronics RNR1

A leap in technology… The world’s first HF Ribbon mic. Rupert Neve’s new custom circuit design now allows high frequencies to be captured and output from the capsule for the first time ever in pristine detail. Standard performance of the RNR1 is an unprecedented 20Hz to 25KHz – three times the frequency range of even the best available competitor ribbon mics on the market today! VIEW MORE DETAILS

SE Electronics RN17 Rupert Neve Small Diaphragm Instrument Mic

SE Electronics' second collaboration with renowned electronics engineer Rupert Neve, the RN17 Small Diaphragm Instrument Microphone (also available in a pair) features a 17mm capsule and large scale, hand wound transformer for unbelievable clarity .
Audiomedia's review raved about every aspect of the Rupert Neve RN-17 pencil condenser microphone, including the easy-to-change capsules. The mic comes with a cardioid capsule and there's additional supercardioid, omni, hypercardioid and figure of 8 capsules available to purchase separately. VIEW MORE DETAILS
SE Electronics Voodoo VR1 Passive Ribbon Microphone

This is not a Rupert Neve design, but the VR1 certainly take its cue from the Neve signature models, and is also available at a cheaper price, so we thought we'd include in this article!
The Voodoo Ribbons from sE mark a new era for Ribbon mic technology – until now the only Ribbon mic in the world to perform across 20Hz-20KHz was the Rupert Neve collaboration, the RNR1, critically acclaimed as the best Ribbon mic in the world. This was achieved using state of the art transformers and a Rupert Neve designed circuit board to reveal HF usually absent. VIEW MORE DETAILS

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