Music Shop Spotlight: PMT Southend


Southend-on-Sea is home to the very first PMT Music Shop, which was founded in 1991. Presented in a true Rock 'n' Roll fashion, PMT Southend offers the UK's finest range of musical instruments and hi-tech equipment, whilst providing industry-leading customer support.

So whether you are a guitarist, bassist, drummer, music producer, pianist, keyboardist, singer/songwriter, entertainer, DJ or budding artist, the Southend music shop will have a great selection of musical instruments, equipment and accessories to provide you with.


There are also guitar, drum and music tech events held at the Southend Music Shop, with the likes of Wilko Johnson appearing in store and free workshops from top brands Taylor and Drum Workshop Inc.

The Best Guitar Shop in Essex

Imagine a place where the walls are lined with Fenders, where Gibsons are in every corner and Ibanez basses are just begging to be strummed! Now stop imagining, and enter PMT Southend, the best guitar shop in Essex.

The Southend music shop has acoustic, electro-acoustic and electric guitars and basses from everyone’s favourite brands including Gibson, Fender, Taylor, Martin, Ibanez, ESP, Epiphone, Gretsch and PRS. So whether you’re looking for a 12-string guitar, a new amplifier or the perfect set of guitar strings, PMT Southend has every guitarist covered.

PMT Southend

Drum Specialist Shop

PMT House of Drums in Southend is one of six drum specialist PMT Stores and is home to an extensive range of electric and acoustic drum kits for beginners and pro drummers alike.

The Southend Music Shop has all the top acoustic drum kits that you could think of, from DW Drums, Tama, Gretsch, Ludwig, and Mapex. And the music store has all the tasty drummy trimmings too, with walls filled with drums sticks, kick pedals and cymbals.

There are also plenty of high quality and portable Roland, Alesis and Yamaha electronic drums too from the extremely popular V-Drum, DM and DTX ranges.


Piano and Keyboard Shop

The piano is perhaps the world’s most familiar musical instrument, and at PMT Southend there is a wonderful collection of pianos and keyboards for you to choose from. There are acoustic and electric pianos from Yamaha, Roland and Korg plus hi-tech midi keyboards, synthesizers and workstations from Moog, Clavia Nord, Novation and Arturia.


Studio, Recording & DJ Equipment

PMT isn’t just the best musical instrument shop in Essex, but it’s also the best shop for studio and recording equipment too. With great gear from top brands such as Focusrite, AKG, KRK, Roland, sE Electronics and Sennheiser, you'll be spoilt for choice - and that's where the the hi-tech in-store specialists come in handy. The store specialists have been in the music industry for decades, and they will provide you with helpful advice on recording and performing to make sure you get the equipment you need.

Plus we’ve got all the DJ kits you could dream of in PMT Southend, with DJ decks, speakers, controllers, mixers and headphones from Pioneer, Yamaha, Wharfedale, Shure, Native Instruments and Mackie.


Southend Music Shop Experts

The music shop specialists in PMT Southend have wide range of experience, from playing live shows, recording in home and professional studios and setting up live sound from small to huge venues. They are dedicated to providing the best advice and service, and they're always available online too via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Talk to the boys via social media or leave a review about the store on Google Plus so you can tell everyone about your shopping experience with Professional Music Technology.

Southend Music Shop Specialists