Come to PMT This Christmas for the ‘Elpful Elf Service!



Do you know exactly what you want for Christmas? Or do you not know where to begin when it comes to picking great music gifts? Either way, the PMT Store Specialists are there to help you get your Christmas presents sorted.


During the festive season the PMT Store Specialists don their curly-toed shoes and purple-and-white striped stockings to become ‘Elpful Elves! But why should you shop at a PMT Store?

Professional Music Technology has 150 PMT Store Specialists across the country, which means we have over 1,500 years worth of experience in the music industry to share with you. Our 'Elpful Elves musical know-how guarantees that you get the right instruments and equipment you need.

PMT 'Elpful Elves Christmas In-Store Helpers

Also, in each store there is an expert who specialises in a particular field of musical instrument. So if your local PMT Store is PMT Manchester and you’re looking for a bass guitar, Oliver Pietruch is the Bass Overlord at the Mancunian music shop. Or if you’re looking for the perfect set of drumsticks and you’re in PMT Northampton, ask for Tommy Francis. Tommy’s written music for some of people’s favourite TV series The Inbetweeners, Grey's Anatomy and Jersey Shore and he will be more than willing to help you find the ideal drum accessories.
Plus, all of ‘Elpful Elves are super friendly and will make sure your shopping experience is a very enjoyable one. Not only will they price-match any musical equipment that you may have seen cheaper elsewhere, but they’ll even brave the snow to help you lift any big and bulky instruments into your car!

So have an #XmasMadeEasy and visit your nearest PMT Store.


PMT 'Elpful Elf

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Sophie Moss