PMT House of Drums


The House of Drums is a thing of wonder to behold in a PMT music shop, with top brands DW Drums, Gretsch, Tama, Mapex and Ludwig always available for you to try and buy.

Drummers that enter the PMT House of Drums say that feel like they’ve died and gone to Rock ‘n’ Roll heaven! With reams of snares, thousands of accessories and hundreds of cymbals beckoning you to come and test them out, it’s not hard to see why drummers love coming to the House of Drums.

PMT B11 200814

It’s not all about the acoustic set-ups either, we have the best electric drum kits from Roland, Yamaha and Alesis too that are perfect for practice and experimenting.

PMT B14 200814

And it’s not just about all the amazing gear, the boys in the House of Drums are all drummers themselves with years of experience and tonnes of product knowledge on everything in the drum department. The boys are there to answer any drum-related questions, from choosing the right drumsticks, to finding the cymbals you need for your sound and to even helping you chose the perfect 5-piece drum kit; we’re certain the drum experts will do all they can to help you out.


House of Drums departments can be found in PMT Northampton, PMT Manchester, PMT Birmingham, PMT Leeds and PMT Southend and PMT East London.

To see what the latest arrivals are in the store and to talk about all things drums, check out The House of Drums on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.