How Auralex Can Improve Your Home Cinema Experience


Make the most of your home cinema with the appropriate acoustic treatment. Find out how AURALEX and our experts can help you...

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Most of us love watching films. And increasingly more people are setting up their own Home Cinemas, thanks to the ever more affordable prices of great-quality Large Screen TVs, HD Projectors and Surround Sound Home Cinema Systems.

Many people think that getting a good surround sound system and HD TV (or projector) is enough in terms of setting up a Home Cinema. It certainly beats having just a 20" screen telly with small in-built speakers, but it's not that simple...

When you go to a cinema, you're entering a room that was designed, from the ground up, with the specific purpose of showing films, and which was optimized for the best possible sound experience: from the size of walls to height of ceiling, to the material used on the walls and floor... everything was designed for maximum acoustic quality.

This is not the case with your home.

As we explained on our previous Auralex blog, as sound travels in space and hit the walls and reverberates, all sort of sound issues may arise. If you want to set up your own home cinema, then, you should also care about the right acoustic treatment for your room - to make sure that the money you invested on your HD TV and home cinema system was worth it!

auralex panels Auralex Panels in a Home Cinema

Our recording studio/ musician customers are more concerned about the acoustics than about the look of a product (though Auralex products do look good in any environment, anyway!) but we know that audiophiles and, especially, Home Cinema clients, are much more demanding when it comes to the visual of any acoustic treatment product: after all, it affects their living quarters, where they plan to spend some quality time by themselves, with family or with friends!

Thankfully, Auralex has a great range of products in a variety of colours, that look contemporary and stylish and will fit any home: the Sonoflat, SonoSuede and ProPanels are ideal buys for anyone who want the best possible acoustic treatment for their homes, but who don't want to compromise on the visual.

Auralex are the industry leaders in sound-proofing and acoustic treatment, and we are an Official UK Distributor for Auralex Acoustics. Our experts have years of experience in helping our customers to choose the right products that fit their needs - and that combine with their homes!

We can help you to choose the correct products that will improve the acoustics of your Home Cinema room, and which will also look great and stylish.

home cinema with auralexHome Cinema with Auralex

Call us on 0151 448 2089 and talk to our experts. We'll be happy to help you choosing the perfect acoustic solution for your home cinema! Let Auralex and PMT revolutionise your home cinema experience - get in touch today!

By Ivan Silva