Focusrite iTrack Pocket: The Singer-Songwriters' Best New Friend


It's never been easier to make recordings by yourself, or to set-up a good recording studio in your bedroom. But when it comes to making amazing-quality videos, the story is quite different! The new Focusrite iTrack Pocket has arrived to fill this important gap in the market!


What's so special about the iTrack Pocket, you ask? Well, to put it simply: it is the best and easiest way for singer-songwriters to record high-quality videos and upload them directly to YouTube. It fits in you pocket, and costs just £79. Unbelievable!
Of course, the iTrack Pocket can be an useful tool for anyone to record YouTube-ready videos: it delivers fantastic effects for pianos and synthesizers, orchestral and percussion instruments, as well as live gigs and concerts. But it really is perfect for singer-songwriters, who can film themselves quickly, easily and totally on their own. For budding "Ed Sheerans" and future "Jake Buggs" out there, there's no better equipment to create videos to share on social media sites!

What helps making the iTrack Pocket sound so good is its Impact iPhone app! The iPhone simply isn’t built for recording music. Its microphone was made for phone calls, not capturing performances. It might be the quickest and easiest way to record videos for YouTube, but the audio quality will never do your music justice. Impact changes all that!
Impact makes your audio stand out. It’s a powerful iPhone recording app that lets you enhance the sound quality of your videos using powerful mastering effects. Just hit record, make your video and choose from a selection of high definition audio effects, then share your video straight to YouTube through the app.
The iTrack Pocket audio interface  gives you a high quality stereo microphone and dedicated instrument input, which will absolutely eclipse the quality of your iPhone mic and get your videos noticed! After all, you want to sound and look as good as possible, to your potential new fans!
Watch this new demo, demonstrating how to use the iTrack Pocket:


  • Capture High Quality Audio: Record video and up to two audio inputs, either as a dual mono or stereo pair
  • Great Sounding Guitar: High resolution guitar amp simulation for great sounding guitar performances
  • Perfect Volume: Ensure your input levels are perfect, using the level meter
  • Use with Just About Anything: Plug and play support for Core Audio Compliant iPhone audio interfaces (including Focusrite audio interfaces)
  • Instantly Improve Your Sound: Apply high quality post production audio mastering effects, which instantly improve the sound of your recording
  • Directly Edit Video: Easily trim the start and end points of your video directly in the app, for a polished finish
  • Share with the World: Instantly share your recording on Facebook and YouTube
  • Works on iPod Touch 5th Gen, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus
  • Support for iOS 7 and above


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