How Auralex Can Make You Sound Better


Don't be disappointed by your recordings, invest in an acoustic treatment solution... like Auralex.

Picture the scene: you are a musician, full of dreams and ambitions. You're confident of your talents. You've just bought a brand new Fender amp, and you are looking forward to using your Gibson Les Paul and assortment of cool FX pedals to create the best song ever! The band is tight, everyone plays well, and you spend hours and quite a bit of money recording your soon-to-be masterpiece... but when you listen back to the final result, it doesn't sound quite right. A huge disappointment!

Auralex - PMT

Sometimes, it works like this: everything is apparently right, all the recording gear is good quality, but still, the final result sounds a bit off. What many people still don't realize, is the importance of the acoustics of a room. Every room, be it in your house or on a recording studio, has its own character - the size of a room, height of ceiling... everything influences the sound. After all, sound waves travel in space, and as the waves hit walls and are reflected, all sorts of issues may arise, which affect the final recording.

That's why many people use Digital Room Correction when mixing their records - but if you choose to actually improve the sound of your room, it'll save you precious time and you'll also be avoiding that extra digital processing. You'll be free to worry about the most important - your music!

Auralex Studio Auralex Studio

And here's when Auralex enters the picture: with the right acoustic treatment solution, you can make sure your home studio or professional studio is optimized for the best possible acoustic sound, which will considerably improve the quality of your recordings.

Small rooms will encounter different acoustic problems to large rooms, which means the solution will be different in every situation.

That is why there are different sizes, shapes and materials of acoustic products. Whether it's flutter echoes, excessive low end or unwanted ambience, acoustically treating your room will benefit you and your music. And make no mistake - anyone can benefit from good acoustic treatment: if you spent time and money setting up your own home studio, why not make sure the actual room itself sounds as good as possible, to make that investment really worth it?  And recording studios, of course, by improving the acoustics of their facilities, would be offering better service to their clients, and therefore increasing the likelihood of attracting new customers, too.

Auralex Home Cinema Auralex Home Cinema

But those are not the only cases when a good acoustic treatment may be necessary. For instance, improved acoustics can benefit home cinemas (pic above), audiophile listening rooms, school classrooms, office working spaces, bars, restaurants, sports halls, churches and much more!

The great thing about Auralex is that its vast range of Acoustic Treatment and Studio Furniture products offer affordable, and stylish-looking solutions that can be suitable for any environment. Just talk to our experts, who'll be able to help you to find the best solution for your needs.


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By Ivan Silva