When the clock strikes Midnight... you’ll receive a free plug-in!


Focusrite’s Midnight plug-in suite takes two of the most iconic Focusrite modules of all time (the ISA110 equaliser and ISA130 compressor), models their sound exactly with powerful DSP technology and gives them elegant, functional on-screen front panels that make them simplicity itself to use.


Now PMT are giving a FREE complete Midnight set with every Focusrite and/or Novation sale*! The plug-in is worth £79 and includes Compressors/EQ /Gates taken from Focusrite’s ‘Forte’ ProTools plug-ins that cost around £499. Plus, the plug-in has been re-programmed to work with AU/VST and RTAS platforms, offering a very high quality set of tools for audio processing.

So now you can add that authentic, classic Focusrite sound to your own tracks – for free! Your productions have never sounded so good...

Focusrite Midnight EQ


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*The Focusrite SAFFIRE range of interfaces is not included, as they already come with a free Midnight plug-in.
Sophie Moss