DW Acrylic Design Series Kits


Need to get noticed at your next gig? Well the Drum Workshop Inc. Acrylic Design Series kit will do this for sure!

Beyond all doubt, the DW Design Series acrylic drum kits are some of the best looking out there. Slick chrome hardware contrasting nicely with piano black hoops, all sympathetic to the amazing see-through acrylic. Expect looks of admiration and envy from your fellow drummers!

Acrylic hasn't just been chosen for it's good looks, the sound is going to stun your audiences too. As much as we love wood (no sniggering at the back) it has some drawbacks in terms of tuning and finding the "sweet spot" for a deep tom or kick sound. Acrylic doesn't warp and age, so you get the same awesome sound from the moment you first set it up until you hang up your sticks. There's less tuning and bedding in, which means less hassle at gigs and more time playing.

No need to be sentimental about tradition, DW are serious about delivering truly great tones no matter the material used. These master craftsmen have made it their mission to make the Design Acrylic a real beast to play. Plus, being a part of the Design series also means it's loaded up with all the quality features you'd expect...

Drum Workshop Inc Acrylic Drum Kit Design Series


    • Chrome Standard Triple Flange Hoops for a versatile sound.


    • STM™ - Suspension Tom Mount is a DW patented design that allows toms to vibrate freely


    • DW MAG™ Snare Throw-off System, another clever patent that uses a magnet to hold the throw in place when engaged, then it flips and pushes the snare away from the skin when disengaged.


    • Specially designed Remo heads.

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By Sophie Moss