Watch: Gibson Les Paul Classic 2015 Demo


What everyone wants to know is - are the new 2015 Gibson Les Paul models any good? The answer is - hell, yeah! We put Aaron at PMT Birmingham to play a few licks and compare a new Gibson Les Paul Classic 2015 vs. Gibson Les Paul Standard 2013.


And guess what? The 2015 Les Paul Classic looks awesome and sounds great, of course! The boost switch works great to add extra power to the guitar.

Check out the video... that's what we do on our lunchtime - we don't call ourselves the "House Of Rock" for nothing, you know!

We tend to think of Les Pauls as "traditional guitars", but when Les Paul created his guitar, they were anything but! Les Paul guitars were always meant to be innovative, and that's exactly what Gibson is trying to do in 2015: to carry on with the tradition... the Les Paul tradition of being innovative!

Gibson Les Paul Classic 2015 in a nutshell:

  • G-Force tuners. A versatile tool, and quite subtle actually, as you don't really spend ages staring at back of the headstock, do you!
  • Zero Fret Adjustable Nut: our favourite feature. Looks different but is a very clever innovation!
  • Wider neck. Some experienced players might find it a bit odd at first, but feels ok quick enough. Those who never played a Les Paul will enjoy it straight away.
  • The guitar, of course, looks and feels like a proper Les Paul (well, it is!) and the humbuckers sound really great.

Our verdict: Any guitarist who wants a great, new Gibson guitar, will love the Les Paul Classic 2015! Click image to view full-size:


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Ivan Silva