NOW IN STOCK! Limited-Edition Fender FSR Rosewood Telecaster, the "Let It Be" Tele!


The guitar played by George Harrison during the recording sessions for The Beatle's Let It Be album (and film) is the stuff of legend. The Fender Rosewood Telecaster was a custom made guitar Harrison also used at the Fab Four's famous last concert, on the rooftop of Apple Records in 1969. It was very different than any other Telecaster ever made, and became a legendary instrument on its own right. Now, Fender is releasing the Limited-Edition Fender FSR Japanese Rosewood Telecaster, which should leave some Beatles fans and guitarists very excited...

Rosewood is as a dark, strong and heavy “tone” wood often used for fingerboards (by Fender, Gibson, etc.) and for acoustic guitar bridges. However, hardly any guitar is ever made using rosewood for the body! But in 1969 Fender decided to have a go and left designer Philip Kubicki to design a custom prototype for George Harrison. He loved it and used it for the whole of the Let It Be recording sessions.

Fender made only a few of those Rosewood Telecasters, between 1969 and 1972, which became very desirable, and expensive, collectors' items! In 2007 Fender Custom Shop briefly reissued the guitar, at a quite expensive price tag.

Now, finally, more guitarists will have the opportunity to enjoy the unique visual and sound of this magnificent instrument: Fender has just released the Fender FSR Japanese Rosewood Telecaster - Natural Dark Stain which is very affordable at only £756, but recaptures the sound and visual of the guitar that has fascinated many guitarists since George Harrison first played one in '69!

Fender FSR Japanese Rosewood Telecaster

With matching neck and headstock, this Telecaster has a killer look - and a tone to match, with its vintage Tele pickups! It is also heavier than typical Telecasters, with a rosewood / basswood body, which some players say gives it almost a Les Paul-kind of feel.

Whether the guitarist is a Beatles fan or not, this guitar certainly has a lot of appeal, for the player who wants a distinctive and very special Telecaster!

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By Ivan Silva