PMT Birmingham once again brings to you their annual mega clearance event: Music’s Live!


At Music’s Live 2014 the world’s top brands such as Roland, Yamaha, Korg, Fender, Gibson, TC Electronic, TC Helicon, Focusrite, Novation, Nord, Marshall, Blackstar, Orange, Vox and many more help set up one of the UK’s biggest and best music shows at PMT Birmingham.

The show will feature new product launches, workshops, hands-on demonstrations and many live performances! Plus, there will be fantastic one-off deals, end-of-line clearances and a mega second-hand sale too.

Part-exchanges are also welcome all weekend, along with our usual PMT finance packages too, including our ‘Buy now, pay later’ scheme with 18 month interest-free on selected items. Book your ticket to Music's Live online and for free here.

Let's have a look at some of the deals on at Music's Live!

Music's Live Deals

ibanez at music's live birmingham

At Music’s Live PMT Birmingham will be showing off the new Ibanez range, including the new and much-talked about Ibanez RPKP6, which consists of Ibanez guitar with a Korg mini kaoss pad built in that is an extremely similar set up to what Matthew Bellamy from Muse plays.

PMT Birmingham will also be clearing many end-of-line Ibanez guitars and basses, so if you’ve got your eye on any of last year’s Ibanez stock then come and see if it’s in our sale! Ibanez will be furnishing every customer who purchases Ibanez gear at Music’s Live 2014 with some amazing free goodies, so if you do make that special purchase you’ll be getting much more than you bargained for.

gibson epiphone at music's live birmingham

Come and see the stunning new 2015 Gibson range, which includes Les Paul Classics, Juniors, Standards and Supremes; plus their LTD edition Epiphones, Les Paul Florentines, Traditional Pros and more. At Music’s Live we are lucky to have two representatives from Gibson and Epiphone with us, Mr. Ray Miller and Ben Dunnet, who will be with us for the whole weekend! It’s a great opportunity for you to speak to Gibson directly and ask about the new G-Force machine heads, the zero nut and many more features on the 2015 Gibson guitars, the new Gibson recording cable, plus Ray and Ben will have some free swag for anybody buying a Gibson or an Epiphone at Music’s Live! PMT Birmingham will also be clearing some of their old Gibsons at incredible prices, so get you Xmas present early at Music’s Live and be the envy of your pals with a 2015 Gibson guitar.


PMT Birmingham is proud to be launching their new Fender Superstore status with a new display of Fenders on the legendary and enormous Birmingham guitar wall. Fender Supercentre at Birmingham is something that has never been seen in the UK before, and when you arrive at Music’s Live you will be met with the best display of Fenders in the UK.

Fender will be supporting Music’s Live with loads of freebies, demos and some newly acquired Custom Shop models. Add to this some lovely Japanese limited edition runs, all the latest Fender Stratocasters, Telecasters, Jaguars, Jazzmasters, Artist Models, new range of Fender acoustics, mountains of Fender valve and Mustang amplification and not forgetting their world renowned electric bass guitars and you have yourself one hell of a Fender Superstore.

Yamaha at Music's Live Birmingham

Yamaha is coming to Music’s Live with all guns blazing! Three demonstrators will be at PMT Birmingham all weekend to provide you with product demonstrations. Alex Wesley will be putting Yamaha acoustics and electrics through their paces; Chris Irvine will be in high tech showing off Yamaha HS studio monitors, MOXF keyboards, and all the latest Yamaha PA cabs and mixers; and on top of that we will have a Yamaha drum demonstrator going through the complete range of DTX. PMT Birmingham also have a number of ex-demonstration, display models and end of line Yamaha products to clear and they will have some very special deals for the weekend. So if you fancy an amazing SG1802 at a knock-off price, an N8 mixer, a BB424 bass or even a pair of MSP5s for next to nothing then visit Music’s Live and grab yourself a bargain, or just come and enjoy the demonstrations!

Martin guitars at Music's Live Birmingham

Martin is sending music industry legend and fantastic guitarist Steve Preston to represent Martin guitars at Music’s Live this year. Steve is available to discuss any Martin acoustic, including personalised Custom Order models if required.

The Martin range now has guitars to suit everyone’s pocket, starting from £239 for the Backpacker and all the way up to Martin’s jewel in the crown the D42, which costs over £4,000! Not forgetting the extremely popular Ed Sheeran Martin model and the industry standards D28 and D35. So get yourself a piece of real acoustic guitar history and come and try the latest range of Martin acoustic guitars.

Focusrite at Music's Live Birmingham

Focusrite will be attending Music's Live this year showcasing their fantastic recording interfaces. From the iTrack to the Scarlett and Saffire ranges there will be experts on hand from Focusrite to show you how easy it is to record high quality audio at home. Focusrite also have competitions running during Music's Live, scroll down to find out more!

Boss and Roland at Music's Live Birmingham

BOSS will be going ‘looper crazy’ at Music’s Live this year with the UK launch of the much anticipated RC1 Looper happening in our store at the weekend, plus James Roberts from BOSS will be also demonstrating the Waza Craft BOSS pedals, which is also another first for the UK that is happening exclusively at PMT Birmingham.

Roland's completely redesigned Blues Cubes combo aimed are too seeing their first release at Music’s Live Weekend 2014 and they are an absolute must-see for guitarists that seek the holy grail of tones. Not forgetting the new Roland TD-1K and TD-1KV electric drum kits are now on show and ready to go with the first official UK demonstration happening at Music’s Live from Roland specialist Ben Stonewill on the Saturday only! And of course there will be some very special BOSS Music’s Live deals and loads of Roland offers and freebies happening all the weekend too.

Korg at music's live birmingham

In August this year Korg and PMT Birmingham launched the UK’s first Korg DNA centre, which has a vast range of Korg products that are always wired up and ready to demo. At Music’s Live Korg product expert Luke Edwards will be in the DNA centre all weekend to show you the ever expanding Korg range that includes Kronos, Krome, Kross, Volca, Taktile and Korg synthesisers and DJ production tools – so if you’re thinking of buying any Korg products, Music’s Live is the place to try and buy.

TC Electronic at Music's Live Birmingham

TC Electronic will be at Music’s Live to tell you about the special offers they have running this Xmas to make sure you get Presents for All that you complete your stack before the New Year reigns in.

nord at music's live birmingham

 Rob Wallace has been working with Nord for many years and knows the brand inside out, so if you’re interested in purchasing a Nord keyboard Music’s Live is the place to come and try one out. Don’t miss the opportunity to get any questions you may about the brand answered and listen to the subtle tones that have made so many pro users choose Nord as their main keyboard of choice. And of course, there will be some special deals from Nord exclusively for Music’s Live Weekend.

Marshall Amps at Music's Live Birmingham

Marshall are sending their international demonstrator Steve Smith for Music’s Live, and he will be with us all weekend ready to answer any questions you may have about this iconic British brand. There will be some special deals over the weekend, plus PMT Birmingham has stock of the cream limited edition Marshall AS50D combos and some interest-free options on Marshall backline; so if you’re unsure what amp to get, make sure you come and visit Music’s Live and talk to us and Steve about which Marshall will fit the bill.

Line 6 at Music's Live Birmingham

Paul Hindmarsh from Line 6 will be in-store putting all the latest products through their paces, focusing JTV Variax guitars and Amplifi amplifiers, which cashback offers will be available on all weekend along with selected multi FX pedals and wireless systems. There are special Tone Made Easy classes with Paul on Saturday and Sunday at various times, which will be held in a private room at PMT Birmingham - more info and booking details can be found here. Plus, there will also be some special one-off Line 6 Xmas deals that will only available at Music’s Live weekend...

Ashdown music's live birmingham

Ashdown’s forefront man of Ashdown expertise Lee Alexander will be at Music’s Live this year with plenty of ‘Dirty Deals’ on British-made Ashdown amplifiers and huge discounts on Dr Green pedals, which are every guitarist and bassist FX staples.

Orange Amps at Music's Live Birmingham

James Deacon and Rohan Byrt of the fantastic Orange Amps team will be demonstrating the latest Crush models as well as the fantastic Terrors, micro, tiny and dual, plus the big boys Thunderverbs, Rockerverbs and the fabulous Terror bass range. They have promised some very special one-off, ‘never to be repeated’ Music’s Live deals with plenty of free swag too! And we also have some ‘must go’ clearance deals on Orange Amps from PMT too, so if you’re thinking of an Orange Amp for Christmas then you need to visit Music’s Live 2014.

blackstar at music's live birmingham

Blackstar Amps product specialist Steve Marks will be at Music’s Live 2014 to demonstrate the ID series, which Blackstar worked on for seven years so that you can design the sound in your head and deliver it live as loud as valve! If you love the Blackstar sound and would love see how you can make it your own come to Music’s Live and speak to Steve from Blackstar!

Mesa Boogie amps at Music's Live Birmingham

Mesa/Boogie are the first makers of boutique amplifiers, and at Music’s Live 2014 PMT Birmingham will be having a huge clearance of Mesa Boogie amps! So come and get a one-off bargain on a top-range cabinet, head or amplifier.

Daddario at music's live birmingham

King of Strings D'Addario will be at Music’s Live handing out freebies, so make sure you check out their XL nickel wound, pro steel and other string ranges covering all sizes of gauges.

mxr dunlop pedaltrain at music's live birmingham

Adam Best from Westside Distribution will be in-store just on the Saturday of Music’s Live, and to make up for his One Day Only appearance he will be going overload with fantastic deals on brilliant MXR and Jim Dunlop FX pedals and industry-favourites Pedal Train pedalboards.

krk at Music's Live Birmingham

Two KRK specialists will be at Music’s Live 2014 all weekend to provide you with invaluable information on the best way to set up your studio monitors and they’ll also answer any questions you have about the KRK brand. So come to Music’s Live to check out the well-favoured KRK Rokit monitors and PMT Birmingham’s our best selling KRK KNS headphones.

genelec at music's live birmingham

PMT Birmingham has been selected as a the first Genelec Reference Centre in the Professional Music Technology chain, with Birmingham being a hot spot for people looking for professional quality monitors. At Music’s Live you can come and take a look at the Genelec 8000 series of pioneering active monitors in the Genelec Reference Centre and find out if their just what you need to listen to music on.

shure at music's live brimingham

Shure expert Graham will be at Music’s Live demonstrating their wireless BLX and GLXD products, and you can have a go in PMT Birmingham’s GLXD guitar test station to plug in and rock out wirelessly. Plus, Graham will be on hand to discuss any other aspect of Shure, whether it be wired or wireless.

Audix at Music's Live Birmingham

Audix will be bringing microphone expert Ian Young to discuss anything from the Audix range and help you mic up your instruments for professional quality gigs and recordings.

AER amps at Music's Live Birmingham

AER is one of the leading brands of acoustic amps, and industry experts Adam Best and Steve Preston from AER will be on hand all weekend to help you find your perfect partner in the AER range. If you’re interested in AER or haven’t heard one yet, please come down to Music’s Live and be ready to be blown away with its detailed reproduction of acoustics and vocals!

Klotz Cables at Music's Live Birmingham

Klotz have provided Music’s Live with 50 various cables to give away over the weekend! The variety includes New Kik, Vintage and Pro Artist cable. Klotz really are fantastic quality cables and at PMT Birmingham we rarely see a Klotz cable returned, which really is a testament to their build quality. So why don’t you come on down and see if you can get a free Klotz cable... but beware, you’ll soon start buying them!

sonic distribution music's live birmingham

sE Electronic microphones are used by top artists all over the world, including Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Bee Gees, Foo Fighters and much more. Yaniv from Sonic Distribution will be at Music’s Live all weekend to demonstrating sE microphones so that you hear why your favourite bands and artists use sE Electronic mics.

Strings and Things at Music's Live

Strings and Things will be at Music's Live 2014, bringing with them exclusive Ernie Ball guitar string deals, Hercules stands and a competition where you can win an electric bass (scroll down for more info). Antoine DuFour, Canada-based guitarist, will also be coming along with Strings and Things to perform live at PMT Birmingham. Antonie deftly combines jaw-dropping guitar playing skills and an artistic soul in his carefully crafted compositions; you can give him a listen here.


Competitions at Music's Live!

There is even chance to win some fantastic prizes at Music's Live. If you register any Focusrite Saffire or Scarlett interface purchased between 15th October 2014 to 15th January 2015 you will be in with a chance of winning one of three ISA430 MkII channel strips. Speak to the Focusrite experts in store with a chance to win a Focusrite Studio Package worth £199. Also, Focusrite will be giving away one of their fantastic Scarlett Studio Packages - get yourself to the event to win out how you can win!

scarlett studio package win at music's live

Strings and Things will be giving away a Sterling by Musicman RAY34 Classic Bass in Black at Music’s Live too! All you have to do to enter the competition is either give your details to a PMT member of staff who will take your details and enter you into the competition or follow the link on our flyers on the weekend of Music's Live and enter yourself into the competition.

Sterling Ray34CA-BK bass win it at Music's Live

You just simply can’t afford to miss Music’s Live 2014! - the biggest display of musical equipment seen in the UK this year!

Event Details

Music’s Live 2014 will be happening on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th November at PMT Birmingham. Free entry to the event and free car park, however a high number of people are expected to turn up at the weekend and we urge that you book tickets to the event for free here. To keep up with the latest news on Music's Live 2014, like PMT Birmingham on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram for daily updates.

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Music's Live Birmingham event November

By Sophie Moss