RCF EVOX PA Systems at PMT


One of the most important releases in Compact PA Systems this year was the launch of the RCF EVOX 5 and EVOX 8 systems at Musikmesse 2014 in Frankfurt, which are now available to pre-order online and in-store at PMT.

aving its UK debut at PLASA Focus in Leeds and another showcase at BPM recently in Birmingham, the EVOX range has blown away the competition by providing an incredibly versatile yet easy to use solution for a whole host of applications. The EVOX system is available at PMT stores this week with 2 systems available: EVOX 5 and EVOX 8.


EVOX 5 contains a 400 watt RMS power section which delivers 125 dB SPL through a two-way array featuring 5 x 2" Ultra Compact drivers and a 10" woofer. With a crossover between the two set at 220Hz it delivers a well defined bass response down to 45Hz and excellent HF throw up to 20kHz. The array speaker design results in 120º x 30º dispersion to handle a wide range of acoustic environments.

rcf evox 5 speakers pa system


EVOX 8 contains the power section from the incredibly popular ART 7 series which is rated at 700 watts RMS, this delivers 128dB through 8 x 2" Ultra Compact drivers and a 12" woofer with a frequency response from 40Hz to 20kHz. It offers the same dispersion and crossover point as the EVOX 5 but because of the larger array, woofer and power section can deliver even more throw and presence across the frequency range.

rcf evox 8 speakers pa system

Both Models are of a Baltic birch plywood construction to ensure rigidity and clear frequency response, they both also feature Thermal and RMS soft limiter protection integrated into the DSP to prevent any nasty surprises from unfriendly high signal levels! Input is via either XLR or TRS Jack on the back panel with switchable bass boost also available for extra punch.

With net weights of 19.2kg (EVOX 5) and 23.8kg (EVOX 8) these powerful units are sure to have a big impact on the compact portable PA market and aside from the excellent specs, they simply sound fantastic! Plus, both models are available with optional carry cases in which the entire array (including top pole mount) fits and can be easily carried in one hand!

Available at PMT Stores this week - pre-order yours now online or in store or simply come down for a listen, we guarantee you'll be impressed by the versatility and value of RCF EVOX! And don’t let your RCF EVOX walk round naked! Keep ‘em covered.

Thanks to Asher Dowson for his extensive knowledge on RCF EVOX speakers and all things gear.