Skeleton Instrument and Equipment Cases



Imagine owning a protective case that you can put any gear in and it fits perfectly, every time...


But how is this possible?

Skeleton Cases are heavy-duty cases that have PICK FOAM inserts, which all you have to do is pick out the foam to the shape of your gear so that it’s safe and snug when you’re travelling.

PICKFOAM inserts for Skeleton Cases at PMT

These lockable flight cases are heavy duty and designed to house DJ equipment such as DJ controllers, mixers, microphones... or pretty much anything that fits in!
The aluminium frames of the Skeleton Cases and butterfly locks will give your gear even more protection, meaning you’ll never have to worry about bashing or breaking gear ever again.
Coming in four sizes from both of the ranges ‘Full Flight’ and ‘Pro Style’, you’ll be able to customize your case and fit all your equipment in it perfectly.
Skeleton Case Full FlightSkeleton Case Pro Style
And don’t forget you can buy replacement PICK FOAM inserts, so that you can re-shape the inside of your Skeleton Case time and time again.

See the full range of Skeleton Cases at PMT here.

By Sophie Moss