Line 6 launches the Sonic Port VX



The new Line 6 Sonic Port VX is the all in one solution for recording on the move. The bus powered interface connects to your iOS device to deliver high quality guitar recordings. Now thanks to the in built stereo microphones you can use the Sonic Port VX for high quality vocal, acoustic and field recordings.


The Sonic Port VX also comes with the Mobile POD app allowing you to access a wide range of amazing tones with zero latency at the push of a button. The included Mobile POD app includes over 10,000 presets designed by artists, Line 6 and other players, so you can call up the right tone in an instant.


Stereo balanced ¼” outputs deliver high quality audio that can be connected direct to your studio monitors. You'll never have to worry about your device running out of battery as the Sonic Port VX will charge your device when plugged in via mini USB!



This device is great for jamming away when you don’t need a full rig and ideal for getting ideas down and remembering them for later on in the creative process. The addition of the high-quality condenser mics make the Sonic Port VX a great tool for singers and writers alike.



Sonic Port VX


The anywhere, everywhere audio interface with built-in mics.


  • Create pro-quality multi-track recordings—anywhere, anytime
  • Stereo and mono condenser mics with high-quality mic preamps
  • 24-bit/48kHz audio, 120dB guitar input, zero-latency monitoring
  • Seamless compatibility with iOS, Mac and PC
  • Stereo line input for tracking keys, drum machines and more
  • Free Mobile POD® app provides legendary POD guitar tones


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Sophie Moss