New Roland and Boss Products for 2014


Anyone who's picked up a guitar or musical instrument will be familiar with industry giants BOSS and ROLAND, who have announced a series of brand new products for launch this month. Let's take a look...


Roland HS-5 Headphone Session Mixer


Available November 2014



If you've recorded as a band in the past, you'll know about the hassle involved with running multiple headphone monitors and the cable runs involved with traditional studio setups. The Roland HS-5 aims to solve this inconvenience and make studio recording and rehearsal nice and easy.


Consisting of 4 channels each with Microphone, Guitar and Line level inputs, the HS-5 offers dedicated control over EQ, Volume, Effects and sound processing for each output so you can tailor your headphone mix to your needs. USB connectivity allows for both computer streaming and USB Stick integration for managing presets.


Roland SBX-1 Sync Box


Available October 2014


The Roland SBX-1 looks like the studio owner's new best friend. Providing simultaneous conversion between MIDI, DIN Sync and USB devices, the SBX-1 is the perfect tool for musicians or studio owners that want all their hardware to work in sync. Assign the SBX-1 or one of your devices as a Master Clock Source quickly and easily, with additional support for CV/GATE connectivity for use with the Roland Aira gear such as TR-8, TB-3 and System 1 or other analogue synths in your collection.


Roland Mobile UA Headphone Pre-Amp


Available October 2014



A great product for anyone who takes their music quality and listening experience seriously! The Roland Mobile UA employs new S1LKi DSP technology to produce a stunning definition and clarity to your music you may not have noticed before. Stereo headphone jacks and USB connectivity make it ideal for referencing your mix or listening to your library a completely new audiophile experience.


Roland TD-1K / TD-1KV Electronic Drum Kits


Available October 2014


Building on the success and popularity of the Roland TD-4K kits, the new TD-1K / TD-1KV releases are set to be come THE go-to electronic kits for beginners to learn the basic techniques of drumming. The TD-1KV features a mesh-snare upgrade, but the TD-1K is a superb value kit that offers 15 expressive drum kits, responsive pad feel and simple user interface.


Also check out the Roland OP-TD1C optional cymbal attachment for these TD-1 kits to add to the range and scope of your kit quickly and easily.


Boss RC-1 Loop Station Pedal


Available November 2014


The Boss RC-1 is one of their most user-friendly and straightforward loop pedals to date. A 24-segment LED circle gives you instant realtime feedback on where you are in your loop stage, making overdubbing and jamming along to new musical ideas easier than ever. The stereo in/out jacks can be used with stereo effects and amplifiers. Additionally, they allow you to connect stereo instruments like synthesizers.


Roland HP-504 Digital Home Piano - Satin White


Available October 2014


The Roland HP504 is a sleek and stylish digital home piano, now available in a Satin White finish if the Rosewood and Black versions didn't quite fit your home furnishings! With its premium sound and touch, the affordable RP-401R presents a solid musical foundation for children and adults as they learn to play. In addition, onboard rhythm accompaniments offer a fun way to build timing skills while experiencing a full ensemble sound that automatically follows chords played on the keyboard.