D'Addario 3 for 2 String Set Offer


For a limited time D'Addario Strings are offering this fantastic offer on their best selling EXL Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings.

The EXL120 (9-46) are one of the most popular string sets on the market today. A standard for many electric guitar players. The super light gauge means extreme flexibility and great biting tone. Ideal for a wide variety of music and players.

The EXL110 (10-46) offers the ideal combination of tone, flexibility and longevity. Slightly thicker gauge than the EXL120's these strings will last longer before they snap and produce more volume. The EXL110's are D'addarrio's most popular electric guitar string set.

The EXL115 (11-49) give full and beefy tone due to their increased diameter. Whilst still able to bend the strings it takes a bit more effort than the EXL110's. These strings are favoured by Blues, Rock and Jazz musicians.

All of these sets are precision wound with nickel plated steel onto a high carbon steel core. Offer is valid whilst stocks last.

By Sophie Moss