Price Drop: The celebrated Line 6 Pod 2.0



It’s the little red bean guitarists can’t live without:
the Line 6 Pod 2.0.


Probably one of our favourite Line 6 products ever, this kidney bean-shaped multiple FX and interface became part of every guitarists kit in 1997 when they realised is could capture the sound of almost any amplifier at bedroom level.

The Pod 2.0 emulates classic 50's and 60s tones, amp combos and cabinets all in a compact, portable unit, and it’s "best of" collection of effects makes searching for the perfect sounds ultra easy. Multiple versions of the effects give you rack or stompbox versions, plus the combination effects give you classic effects like Delay and Chorus simultaneously.
So if you haven’t got this magic red bean as part of your kit then now is the time, as it’s just price dropped to £99. There’s also limited stock available of this product, so get it whilst you can!

Line 6 Pod 2.0


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Sophie Moss