The Drumming Legend: Dave Grohl



Dave Grohl has just become a father again and he is still as God-like as ever with his non-pretentious outlook on life and super-cool sense of humour. He’s also the lead singer of one of the best bands going (Foo Fighters) and was in one of the most famous bands of all time, but what we want to know is: what is Grohl’s drum kit like?


The Kit

Well we’ve had a good old look at his kit for live-set ups and it looks pretty fantastic to be honest in its gorgeous Pelham Blue finish, which matches his Gibson DG-335 Trini Lopez guitar.
Mr. Grohl's go-to kit for live set-ups is the Drum Workshop Inc. Jazz Series kit. It includes a 13” tom-tom, a 16” and an 18” floor tom-tom (Remo white-coated emperor heads), 24” bass drum, 20” gong drum and 2 toy drums (custom painted by DW). The live snare he uses is by DW again; a 14"x6 1/2" aluminium.


The Cymbals

Grohl uses all Zildjian cymbals, including: 15” hi-hats, 20” A custom EFX crash, 20” A custom crash, 19” K custom China, 20” A custom Rezo crash and a 24” ZHT ride.

The Sound

And guess how Grohl gets his power, velocity and volume when he’s playing? He uses the lowest DW throne possible and has it all the way down.

See what Dave Grohl has say to say on his DW kit for himself with this video from Drum Workshop Inc.



All in all, Grohl’s drum kit is a serious beast, and yes, it’s damn expensive beast. But remember, even Nirvana started in a garage – so set your dreams high, and for the time being get yourself some Dave Grohl drum sticks to tide yourself over until you hit the big time.


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Sophie Moss