Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop 1958



This 1958 Plaintop Reissue is one of the finest guitars to come out of the Gibson factory in recent years. To celebrate 20 years of the Les Paul Reissue Gibson have created one of the most accurate vintage Les Paul Reissues to date.

There are a couple of reasons this guitar is special and so close to the 1958 Les Paul,and the first thing that strikes you as you open the case is that the tobacco sunburst finish looks amazing. Gibson have gone back to using Aniline dye that was used on the original 58. The dye will react to natural light causing the guitar to age in an organic way leaving the guitar to get better year after year.

Gibson Les Paul 1958

The use of the retro finish allows a better representation of the wood grain and depth of colour to the body. Speaking of the body, Gibson have reverted to a solid, non weight relieved mahogany back which adds to the weight of this model but in turn gives you a ton more tone and sustain. Combine this with the clarity of a maple top and the guitar really sings.
Original mortise and tenon neck fit using Hot Hide Glue allows for a greater transfer of sound between neck and body for improved tone. The neck is also true to the original 50's rounded neck profile which feels chunky but is easy enough to hold.

Gibson Les Paul 1958

Gibson have accurately recreated the original electronics on this reissue with Custom Buckers in the neck and bridge pickup positions. These are close replicas of the original PAFs used in the late 50's that are now extremely rare and almost impossible to get hold of. The pickups allow for a wide range of tone possibilities from beautifully clean to warm and singing just by changing the on board tone controls. Every aspect of circuitry has been designed to give you spot on 58 tone.
As you would expect from a Gibson of this quality, it ships with a Custom Shop Hardshell case and it has a limited lifetime warranty.

Gibson Les Paul 1958

This Gibson Les Paul reissue is a fraction of the price you would pay for an original, plus our 0% Music Equipment Finance option is available on this guitar and can be yours for just over £100 a week.
By Sophie Moss