Ibanez SR Series Basses


The Ibanez Soundgear Series of electric bass guitars first went into production in the late 80's. Since then they have been a modern alternative for many a bass player. There are many variations within the series but at the heart of each guitar is a smooth body contour, fast neck, lightweight body and awesome electronics.


SR 300/305 from £239

The SR 300 and 305 both have an Agathis body and Maple/ Rosewood Neck for that characteristic Ibanez feel. The Accu-cast B120 Bridge has extra wide string slots to accommodate the heaviest string gauges and the new bridge plate works to trap the saddles to ensure the strings are as straight as possible.

The arched design of the CAP EXF-N2 pickups means that the strings are an equal distance from the pick up at all times. This results in a balanced volume output from the punchy humbuckers and high quality shielding reduces unwanted noise and hum.

The in-built EQ control system has been tailored specifically for bass players. The boost and cut mid controls are centered at different frequencies to deliver the most desired bass tones.


SR 370/375 from £259

Exactly the same specifications as the SR 300 but the 370 and 375 (5 string version) have been upgraded to a Maple body. Maple is a more popular choice for bass guitars due to its resonant qualities that add more definition to the tone. Together with the Maple and Rosewood neck the tone is massively improved at a small cost.


SR 600/605 from £459

The SR 600 model is has a complete upgrade from the lower price point models whilst still keeping the same body shape. The 600 models feature an Ash body with a Jatoba and Bubinga neck for a nice round and mellow tone. The neck joint is slightly extended on the 600 to allow higher fret access.

The bridge and electronics are also upgraded on this model the B120 bridge is replaced with an Accu-cast B300 which is designed for amazingly quick adjustments and fast string changes. Bartolini MK1 neck and bridge pickups are split coil designs that provide a enhanced definition and remove the hum and noise of traditional single coils. The EQ circuit is upgraded with a two way mid frequency selector that allows greater control of your tone.

The natural wood stain finishes make the SR 600 a very attractive bass guitar at a great price.


SR 700/705 from £539

Exactly the same specifications as the SR 600 only upgraded to a Maple top and Mahogany body. This provides the bass with more weight and body along with plenty of punch and would suit anybody wanting to play any rock styles.


SR 1600/1605 from £869

Probably one of our favourite Ibanez Bass guitars we stock, this premium SR1600 model is in high demand. Much cheaper than a handmade model yet it shares a lot in common. The body is made from Mahogany with a Burl top. The super slim neck is reinforced with titanium rods to add strength. Premium Fret Edge treatment means the frets have been smoothed for a great playing surface your fingers glide across.

The bridge has an in built Monorail IV pick up and Nordstrand Big Single in the bridge and neck position which compliment the natural tone of this guitar. On board EQ can dial in the sweet spots for this instrument or can be by passed completely if required. All in all, this bass screams quality and is extremely affordable.


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