Upgrade Your Mix



Pioneer is turning twenty, and to celebrate they want to refresh your set-up and give you cashback on selected models!

Plus Pioneer is giving the first 100 valid claimants a free set of DJE-1500 professional in-ear headphones (worth £139.00). How good are they giving YOU a present on THEIR birthday?!

How to Upgrade Your Mix


  1. 1. Complete and print the Claim Form.

  3. 2. Take the Claim Form and your old product to a Pioneer DJ Authorised Dealer (ahem, like PMT!) between now and 30th September 2014.

  5. 3. Buy an eligible Pioneer DJ product; trade in your old product and ask the dealer to complete and sign your claim form.

  7. 4. Visit the Customer Online Tracking System, log into your account and upload the signed claim form and receipt of purchase.

  9. 5. Cashback will be paid directly to your bank account within 28 days.


Trade in your (any colour and versions thereof):

CDJ-1000, CDJ-800, CDJ-500, CDJ-400, CDJ-200, CDJ-100S, DJM-800, DJM-600, DJM-500, DJM-400, DJM-300, EFX-1000 and EFX-500.

And upgrade to:

CDJ-900NXS - £180 Cashbash

DJM-900SRT - £180 Cashback

DJM-2000NXS - £180 Cashback

RMX-1000 - £90 Cashback

RMX-500 - £90 Cashback

XDJ-AERO - £90 Cashback

XDJ-R1 - £90 Cashback

CDJ-350 – also available in white and silver - £90 Cashback

DJM-350 - £90 cashback

Please note: A maximum of 6 trade-ins per household will qualify for cashback. Terms and Conditions Apply. Offer available from 01/08/14 to 30/09/14.
By Sophie Moss