The BOSS GP10S and 10GPGK



Get alternate tunings... without actually having to tune!

The Boss GP10s are powerful, multi-purpose pedals for re-creating authentic electric, acoustic, bass and synth tones whether in a studio or live environment. With a user-friendly front panel, the GP10s pedals are the easiest way to transform your instrument into any classic electric or acoustic guitar type. Not to mention the wealth of bass and electronic synthesizer models for you to jam with - this is the perfect pedal for electronic musicians with a guitar lying about gathering dust. Soaring lead synths and creative, dynamic tones are waiting to be uncovered!
Custom and standard tuning modes are on-hand for seasoned guitarists who find that standard and cheap tuners just aren't quick enough to get the job done manually - simply dial in your tuning of choice or cycle through an entire set list quickly and easily. Whether you are shredding, crabbing or all out drop tuning for heavy metal, the GP-10s deliver.

Don’t believe us? Watch Ste demo the GP-10S then!


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By Sophie Moss