All that Glitters is Gold



To celebrate the success of the award-winning hit Ditto Looper, TC Electronic has made the little miracle available in the colour that defines a true champion: GOLD

Yes, it's the limited edition Gold Ditto Looper! TC Electronic has taken all that is good about loopers, trimmed away all the non-essential, mood-killing tech hoopla and ended up with a looper that is intuitive, tons of fun, sounds great and doesn’t break the bank - and now looks like a million bucks!.
Included with the golden Looper is a certificate of authenticity, hand-signed by the head of their guitar Department, Tore Mogensen.
Like the original Ditto, this is the looper you try once and love for life – but here’s the bad news: there’s only 5,000 of these looping gold bars available worldwide - so make sure you get hold of one quick!

By Sophie Moss