Yamaha PA Essentials Road Tour Presents...



The Yamaha Live Sound Surgery will be coming to PMT Birmingham tomorrow - Thursday 17th July!






Ever found yourself faced with the task of ‘doing the sound’ for a pub gig, club night, at your kids’ school play or at a local church gathering? When you agree to it, it doesn’t seem too bad, but when you find yourself there on the night, sitting behind the mixing desk with feedback howling around the stage or on the dance floor whilst the crowd glares at you expectantly, it’s a very different story.



Following the success of Yamaha’s PA essentials road tour, we are proud to bring you the Live Sound Surgery. The Live Sound Surgery will dissect the difficulties surrounding Live Sound and aim to cure you of your ailments before the surgery has finished. Delivered in an entertaining and educational manner, Yamaha's PA Surgeons will be working with live musicians, and will comprehensively cover each element of the PA system and how to use it. They will be operating on product set up, positioning, and sound check, dealing with problems and getting a good mix.








It is absolutely free to get involved, so pop into PMT Birmingham on Thursday 17th July, or give the store a call on 0121 359 5056 for more information.




Richard Bloomer

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