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This is a big thanks to Dom Sigalas and Jerry Donahue, both of whom have appeared at PMT recently to bring some hands-on instrumental genius to you!

Prominent and respected composer Dom Sigalas spent eight weeks travelling from store to store, doing one-to-one sessions at PMT stores and helping people perfect their music producing skills.

Dom at PMT Cambridge Yamaha
Famous string-bender Jerry Donahue from The Hellecasters performed for an intimate audience at PMT Leeds and Manchester and showed people what a VOX amp is made of!

Jerry Donahue

Wanna know who else has appeared at PMT stores? Marco Mendoza, Tommy Aldridge, Joey Jordison, Kerry King, Yingwie Malmsteen, Robert Plant, Dave Hill, Judas Priest, Skindred, John Tempesta, Bev Bevan, Leo Crabtree, Steve White, Steven f**king Segal!, Bill Bailey, Al Murray, John Petrucci and Wilko Johnson... To name a few!

Not only that we have representatives from your favourite brands coming into stores all the time – gurus from TC Electronic and Yamaha will be at PMT Birmingham’s PA night, plus Dave Thompson - a solo artist with a voice that’ll send shivers down your back - will be treating you to some live music!
Let’s not forget that Snoop Dogg, Prince, Radiohead and Supergrass are just some of the artists that shop at PMT – so you never know who you could be behind in the queue!

We have artists appearances lined up for you all year round, so make sure you don’t miss an event near you and follow PMT House of Rock on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube!

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