The Drum Workshop Collector’s Exotic Series



Only 250 of these babies that have ever been made – and they are truly stunning collector’s pieces for any music enthusiast.

What have we found? Not the same old snare, that’s for sure...

Designed by legendary DW craftsman John Good, this premium Nick Mason Icon Collector's Series snare drum features a beautiful laser-cut, hand inlayed Pink Floyd theme, styled from their unmistakable 'Dark Side of the Moon' album cover.

An exotic birdseye maple, ebony, and basswood veneer and 10-ply maple HVLT shell, combined with USA Remo heads make the sound as good as it looks.

It’s a modern day warrior!

John Good has done good again with the Icon Snare Drum that pays tribute to Neil Peart of Rush, matching the same size and configuration of the snare he plays. In addition to such performance-driven features as a MAG throw-off system to reduce buzz and True-Hoops to increases resonance, this Icon Snare Drum features a jaw-dropping exotic wood outer ply that's been laser cut and hand inlayed with iconic Rush Time Machine iconography. I mean, c’mon – just look at it! It’s a gorgeous snare that’s begging to be part of your kit.

Plus, both drums come with a Premium DW snare bag, certificate of authenticity, and a legend describing the woods included.

By and by, if you’re confused on how to mic up your snare, we’ve written a very helpful blog on how to get your whole kit set up just right for the perfect drum recordings. Check it out.

By Sophie Moss