We are an ELITE Marshall Dealer


Marshall Amps have defied the test of time with their ingenious ‘Marshall Sound’, iconic looks and celebrity-stamped approval, with the likes of J Mascis, Kerry King and Slash swearing by their amplifiers.

PMT is now an ELITE Marshall Dealer and we can provide you with exclusive re-issue ranges that have the same tone as the original amps did 50 years before. Take a look at this creamy, classic-toned 1962 Bluesbreaker. Only a handful of these are available and are exclusive to the UK only - and we have first dibs!
Marshall Limited Edition 1962 Bluesbreaker amp white
Be a PMT VIP and get the first opportunities to purchase very special pieces, like this limited edition Silver JCM800 - a re-issue of the 2203 Plexi valve head.
Marshall Limited Edition Jubilee JMC2203 Head in Silver
You even have the chance to buy one of twenty 50th Anniversary Custom Shop Cabs used on-stage at the Marshall ‘50 Years of Loud concert’ in Wembley. Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert and Zakk Wyldeare just some of the artists who played through these rare cabs. If you want to own a piece of music history, give us a call on 0121-359-81240, you’ll have to hurry though as there is only a handful left.
Marshall 50th Anniversary cab
Marshall is so much more than an amp manufacturer – they are pioneers of the music industry that are pushing innovative ideas to spread the word of music. They recently worked with Alfa Romeo to create a Marshall concept car, fitting it with a bespoke Marshall JVM205H head and custom-built speakers; helping to drive the Marshall sound to new places.

Marshall Amps live for music and they put a lot of care and effort into each individual amplifier they make. We happen to know a lot about their amps, so if you ever need any advice on available Marshall products or want something truly special ask us: your official Marshall ELITE Dealer.
Marshall Wall of Amps



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Sophie Moss