Glastonbury 2014: The Headliners and the Gear


If you’re one of the 200,000+ people who are lucky enough to go to Glastonbury today then congratulations, you’re excused from reading this blog. Everyone else read up and pretend you’re seeing these amazing headliners this week!

Friday’s Headliner: Arcade Fire

The Canadian band Arcade Fire is the first headliner of the 2014 festival, but they have no fear when it comes to drawing in the crowd and zero lack of confidence when it comes to playing a huge array of instruments.

Win Butler, Coachella 2014: "Shout-out to all the bands still playing actual instruments at this festival."

As you can see from this performance of ‘Reflektor’ there’s shit loads of things going on without Butler or his wife Régine Chassagne playing anything (we’re ignoring Win with the little shaker at the end). It does help when everyone in your band is a multi-instrumentalist, though, and can play everything from the xylophone to the accordion. All we have eyes for in this video is the mini-version of the classic Korg monophonic synth and amazing vintage Fender guitars.

Saturday’s Headliner: Metallica

Metallica live

The one that’s got Glastonbury divided, both festival-goers and performing artists alike; but Metallica aren’t to be fucked with. They’ve been gigging for 33 years, created songs that are as tough as old boots and they have defined a music genre.

So let’s see what Kirk makes of the crowd when he thrashes ‘One’ on his guitar, Lars smashes shit up on his drums, Trujillo comes in heavy on the bass in 'Pulling Teeth' and Hetfield screams, “Master! Master!”

Sunday’s Headliner: Kasabian

So we all heard about Kasabian’s unbelievably well-received gig in their hometown of ‘Les-tah’ last week, but what are they going to bring to the table as the closing act of the Glasto weekend?

Unfortunately there’s no decent vids as of yet on YouTube from their Leicester gig, but you can take a look at this full live performance from Radio 1's Big Weekend 2014 and have a drool mainly over Serge’s set-up, which consists of his all-time favourite Red Rickenbacker and various pedals including a POG2, VOX Delaylab and a Jim Dunlop’s Classic Crybaby Wah pedal.

So that's it for the headliners, but what band are you looking forward to seeing the most at Glasto? Let us know!

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By Sophie Moss