All Aira Systems Are Go!



It may be the last of the Aira line to be released, but we’re looking forward to making some weird and wonderful tunes with the SYSTEM-1 this week!

Yes, you heard correctly – the Aira SYSTEM-1 is available to preorder now, with orders being dispatched starting from tomorrow. There are also some of these sweet sweet Roland synthesizers in our PMT stores that you can test out and purchase. Also, we'll give you a plugin voucher for the Roland SH-101 plug out (while stocks last)!
So what’s so good about this particular synth? Well, if you take all of Roland's vast synthesizer and software knowledge and rolled it into one portable and extremely versatile synth, you would end up with the SYSTEM-1.

  • 25 Synth Keys (no velocity)
  • 4 voice polyphony
  • Features: LFO, Envelope: Pitch, Filter, Amp Modulation: Ring, Osc Sync, Arpeggiator
  • Oscillators: OSC 1, 2, SUB OSC, NOISE OSC
  • Synthesis Type: Analogue Circuit Behaviour (ACB)
  • Audio Outputs: 2 x 6.3mm Jack Main Out, 1 x 6.3mm Jack headphone
  • Effects Cross Mod Effects: Crusher, Reverb, Delay, Portamento, Scatter
  • MIDI Controls: Volume, Pitch Bend Dial, Scatter, Key Hold, Octave Up / Down, Mod Button
  • Has a USB connection and AC adapter is included

    If you need this item now but can’t cough up the pennies yet, take a look at our 0% Music Equipment Finance Scheme. It’s safe, interest-free and means you can twiddle knobs and make tracks sooner rather than later.
    By Sophie Moss