PMT Spotlight: TC Helicon Voicesolo FX150


We've been very lucky to receive the first batch of worldwide stock on the new TC Helicon Voicesolo FX150 this week, a very cool piece of kit that should work wonders for solo artists and live performers alike. Let's check it out....



Traditionally, singers have always relied on wedge monitors or heavy foldback PA speakers as a reference for how they sound on stage. The inconvenience of sharing monitors with noisy band members and large, heavy speakers mean they aren't always practical and can be a nightmare to set-up, depending on your mixing desk.


The Voicesolo FX150 is a portable, practical monitoring solution that can be mounted straight to your microphone stand or sit 'wedge' style onto any flat surface and deliver crystal clear vocals and with a warm, punchy mid range thanks to a 6.5" woofer and a 150W Class-D amplifier.


TC Helicon VoiceSolo FX150 Stage Monitor Speaker

PMT Online Price: £225


Direct microphone inputs are provided via two XLR/1/4" 'Combi' jacks, so you can connect condenser or dynamic handheld microphones, plug in a guitar or keyboard, and sing along to songs off your phone or MP3 player thanks to a 3.5mm mini jack AUX in. Two male XLR outputs allow you to daisy-chain your signal into other monitors or your PA desk for complete integration, whilst a mini-USB port on the rear gives you connectivity to your PC or Mac for software updates.


The front panel gives you quick one-touch control over 3-band EQ, tone and volume which means that you can easily adapt your microphone's sound depending on the track, without relying on an engineer at the gig. 9 reverb styles are included in the cab, almost unheard of for most active PA speakers on the market. I really like the one-knob, simplistic layout with LED backlights that always let you know what you are adjusting even in dark stage environments.




TC Helicon also offer an official padded gig bag as an optional extra with the FX150, an essential add-on for anyone taking this out on the road consistently. If you’ve ever owned a mic stand-mounted speaker before, you know setup can be an ordeal. You risk either losing the custom adaptors or get hit by the swinging boom arm when trying to screw on the unit. The 'Easy-Grip' mounting system lets you set up in seconds – no special parts or time-wasting assembly needed.


Check out Chris Kennedy from VoiceCouncil's feature overview and demo video below that offers a cool run-down of all the features, or even better, pop into your local PMT Store and give it a test-run for yourself!




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Richard Bloomer