Taylor Acoustic Guitar Roadshow Tour 2014 @ Professional Music Technology


PMT are proud to host Acoustic Guitar experts Taylor to three of our stores in May as part of their yearly Nationwide Roadshow Tour.





Head down to our Bristol, Northampton and Manchester stores for an evening of Guitar Talk & Demos with Taylor’s Friendly Factory Experts who will be more than happy to answer your questions, offer some valuable insight into their full product range and is a great way to meet fellow musicians in a nice store atmosphere.


 PMT Manchester - Tuesday 6th May - Starts @ 19:00 (7PM)

PMT Bristol - Wednesday 7th May - Starts @ 19:00 (7PM)

PMT Northampton - Tuesday 3rd June - Starts @ 19:00 (7PM)

If you've recently bought a Taylor Acoustic, or looking to make an investment in a new one soon, or even if you are completely new to guitars and want to learn more, pop down to see us and find out more:



  • Hear how guitar shapes and woods affect tone


  • Get helpful tips on how to find the right guitar



  • Enjoy special pricing on custom Taylors






Richard Bloomer