MESSE 2014: New Line 6 AmpliFi FX100 Guitar Pedal


When it comes to all things amps and pedals, Line 6 are on a roll recently. Their new AmpliFi combo series has been extremely popular, and they have now introduced a floor pedal aimed at the modern guitarist to create impressive tones with ease. Let's take a look...


Line 6 AmpliFi FX100

PMT Online Price: £229

Release Date: Summer 2014



Firstly you'll notice how uncluttered and user-friendly the front panel is - an expression pedal on the right gives you supreme control over Volume or Wah, with EQ, Drive and Reverb dials for quick and easy dial in. Designed to be used in conjunction with Line 6's AMPLIFi Remote iOS app, it represents a world first for wireless guitar tone creation out of the palm of your hand. Plus, you can choose from over 200 world-class amps and effects to intuitively craft signal chains with up to 8 simultaneous effects. Perhaps more impressively, the Remote App utilises a Tone Matching technology, which scans your music library and instantly downloads the guitar tone featured on your favourite tracks *(if stored in it's catalogue, presumably).


A unique output routing section on the rear panel allows you to send your guitar's output to your amplifier combo, and signal split to your hi-fi or studio monitors or silent headphone rehearsing.


As with the Line 6 AmpliFi combo amps, Line 6 have developed a really cool online community of players via a Cloud system that allows you to connect with other guitarists, talk gear, share tones and get inspired.


Richard Bloomer