NAMM 2014: Drum and Percussion Roundup



With the winter blues well and truly settling in and the pouring rain nearly washing us all out we decided to ditch our cold little island  and head over to the sunshine state for a look at what Namm 2014's Drum and Percussion stands have to offer. The Boyz from PMT along with PMT Online's dynamic duo couldn't wait to get they're teeth stuck into some of the new treats that will be coming out over the next year!



Gretsch USA Drums Namm 2014 booth was just astounding! One of the worlds oldest drum companies, Gretsch USA bring some new twists to their current line of drums. First we start with the Gretsch Brooklyn USA series, a real favourite amongst the boyz at PMT House of Drums, combining the look of vintage Gretsch drum kits with modern construction and design the new 2014 line up is nothing but breath taking. The new 2014 Brooklyn series is now available in black oyster and a limited vintage white with dark walnut bass drum hoops, a kit that has hints of a classic 1930's English gentleman.


On top of the new Brooklyn USA series, Gretsch also bring this year the all new Catalina Maple and Ash series. Featuring all new hardware and fixtures the Catalina series is going to be a massive success and the perfect drum kit for beginners to full time giggers! Gretsch Catalina Ash features open grain finishes to give drummers who like a little texture that full grain feeling! The Boyz at PMT were really impressed with what Gretsch USA had to offer and can't wait until we get the kits into stores nationwide!

One of the biggest announces at the years Namm 2104 show was from cymbal giants, Zildjian. After many years in the making and working with advisors such as Steve Gadd, Steve Smith, Peter Erskine and Teddy Campbell our friends at Zildjian cymbals are proud to introduce the all new K Kerope series. Named after one of Zildjians master cymbal makers, the K Kerope series features a full range of cymbals which incorporates both the bell and body of the cymbal giving the series great stick definition with warm, dark undertones, a classic feature to the Zildjian K range.


On top of this ground breaking announcement Zildjian have also introduced three new cymbals to their already huge cymbal catalog. The return of a classic, Zildjian reintroduce the K 20” Dark Crash Thin crash. A classic, warm cymbal harking back to the days of Tony Williams this cymbal is perfect for all those drummers who love that BIG K sound. Alongside the K 20” Dark Crash Thin crash, Zildjian have released the all new K 16" Light Hi Hats. Combining the classic K warm undertones familiar with the series the K 16" Ligh Hi Hats bring huge swell and projection, the perfect addition to both Jazz and Rock set ups. The last, but certainly not the least is the all new Zildjian A custom 10” EFX splash. Using the Zildjian EFX technology this 10" splash is the perfect little, trashy addition for quick accents and explosive touches! 2014 is certainly going to be a HUGE year for Zildjian


Another highlight to this years Namm 2014 show was the Vic Firth booth. Combining the durability of white oak with the precision of Vic Firths stick design, the all new Vic Firth Shogun series is the perfect pair of sticks for the drummer who wants a harder waring stick with added weight and feel. Vinnie Coliutia, one of the biggest names in drums has a new signature stick, available in the classic 5B size, Vinnie's stick has a slightly larger tip to help give his signature ride definition.


Finally from the guys at Vic Firth we have the all new Vic kick beater series. Offered in felt, maple and fleece, the Vic Kick series gives drummers two different contact surfaces allowing for different bass drum tones and feel.