NAMM 2014: Moog Announce new 'Theremini'


When a young Bob Moog began building theremins, one of the oldest electronic instruments, and the only one known that you play without touching, I don't think even the master himself could have predicted the affordability, design and versatility of modern synths as we have them now.


For those unfamiliar, the theremin is a single oscillator instrument that uses two metal rod antennas to control pitch and amplitude. The left antenna (a horizontal hoop) reduces the amplitude as the left hand is moved closer to it, while the right antenna (a vertical pole) increases the pitch as the right hand is moved towards it. For the last 57 years, the company Bob Moog founded has sold more theremins to more professionals than anyone in history. When it comes to quality, dependability, and tone, not many can compete with Moog.


Adding to the legacy of Bob Moog's synthesizer history, the new Theremini is a compact, portable and satisfying Theremin, with a load of professional features which will make it even easier to play for beginners.



A customisable pitch correction function allows each player to adjust the instruments' level of playing difficulty, ranging from strict single-scale-only notation to free-range, authentic Theremin performance. A built-in tuner also provides real-time feedback and adjustments depending on playing style and position.


The presets section allows you to select from 32 wave or wavetable-based patches for varyied performances or studio applications. Store a selected scale & root note, set and recall a specified playing range, and specify per-patch settings for the included stereo delay effect. It even features a mini-USB port on the rear of the unit for USB-MIDI control and connectivity to computer.


The Theremini is available for pre-order today at £249 on our website here, or pop into your local PMT Store to discuss a demo when available over the next couple of months (Official release TBA).


In the meantime, enjoy a video of a cat playing a Theremin courtesy of the weird world wide web....