Taylor Baby Acoustic Guitar Review


Travel-sized acoustic guitars have turned into somewhat of a popular alternative to your standard dreadnoughts and grand auditorium body shapes as of late. A perfect tool for helping the kids get their hands round their first E Major chord, nowadays we have just as many adults buying the ¾ sized guitars for themselves at PMT.

We’re not quite sure if it’s due to certain singer-songwriters wielding the guitars across the summer festivals gone by, or if it’s because they’re just so infectiously fun to pick up and have a play – either way the Taylor Baby makes a perfect choice delivering a surprisingly large sound from the acoustic guitars petite stature.

From the model we tried out, the low action played comparable to what you would expect on an electric guitar - with the tropical American mahogany neck’s slim profile, moving between the 1st and 19th fret was easy. On first picking up the guitar, you will notice is that it is well balanced when  you are using a guitar strap or balancing the guitar on your knee - Even when holding the guitar ukulele-style under your arm strumming still seems effortless. Included in the package is a gig bag with rucksack-style straps and comes fitted with Elixir Light strings.


Sitka Spruce VS. Mahogany

The Taylor Baby is available in BT-1 and BT-2 models. For the back and sides both models utilise Taylor’s Sapele Laminate, meaning you get an affordable great sounding wood finish that does not break the bank. The construction of the laminate also benefits the guitar as it is more durable to temperature change and humidity making an ideal travel companion. The BT-1 has a Sitka Spruce top with the BT-2 being Tropical Mahogany and the sound pretty much works in correlation with the look of the guitar: The spruce projects a bright tone with the mahogany producing a deeper, huskier quality. The model pictured features the American tropical mahogany top.