London Drum Show Report 2013


Throughout 2013 we've seen some amazing drum kits hitting the market, however 2014 is looking potentially like an even bigger year for drums. We visited London Drum Show and it was a great insight to see what the hottest products of 2014 are set to be. The stars of the show turned out to be new drum company Crush, the Yamaha Live Custom kits and British through-and-through manufacturer Natal Drums...



One of this years most exciting drum companies at the show were CRUSH DRUMS AND PERCUSSION. Crush are a new drum company hailing from Florida, USA. Crush aim at bringing innovation and style with a core belief of making drums for drummers. We spoke directly with chief executive officer Terry Platt who was more than excited at being at the London drum show 2013. "First and foremost you have to have tone, then functionality and top it off with a great look and finish". We sat down and played the three kits on show and were blown away by the quality of build and tone of the shells, especially the new Crush Drums acrylic kit which had a monster bass drum. PMT have already ordered the full line of Crush Drums which will be hitting a PMT House of Drums store near you soon. These kits will suit all types of drummers and playing styles, from rock to gospel! 2014 is going to be a big year for CRUSH DRUMS AND PERCUSSION!



One of the drumming worlds most loved and respected brands came to this years show in a big way. YAMAHA DRUMS had a huge stand filled with kits from both their acoustic and electric ranges. We start off with possibly the most exciting drum kit release this year, Yamaha's new Live Custom drum kit. This kit oozes class and quality but that's not all this kit has to offer, beat down on the belly of this beast and you'll be met with a tone louder than the thunder of Thor’s hammer! This drummer can't even begin to tell you how good this kit sounds! With it's oak shells now 10% thicker than the previous Yamaha Oak Custom, each shell brings added attack and a pure, deep tone. One of the key features of Yamaha's new Live Custom is the bringing together of science and finesse, you can really take a magnifying glass to this kit and see how deep the quality goes. This kit has the potential to become a classic in the Yamaha line. Available in a number of beautiful finishes including Black Shadow Sunburst and Amber Shadow Sunburst the Yamaha Live Custom should be the first thing on your list to Santa! You can get your Yamaha Live Custom now from your local PMT House of Drums or at PMT Online.



Tradition is a big part of the music world and it doesn't come more traditional than Marshall Amplification and NATAL DRUMS AND PERCUSSION. Natal Drums pride themselves on bringing British design, British innovation and British manufacturing to all their drum kits and percussion. This can been seen in both the design and finishes offered on all their kits. From the polished Natal 'Sun' logo lugs to the genius 3-way snare throw these kits are really pushing the boundaries of future drum design. We spoke to Jase from Marshall Distribution UK about what's in store for Natal Drums in 2014. "Natal drums will be introducing more innovative drum designs to the the already boutique line of kits we have to offer". One kit that really stood at the show was Natal's Walnut model. These kits are comprised of 7-ply American walnut shells and offered in a number of high gloss finishes. Jase, along with the Marshall crew gave the crowds at the show a lesson in how to ROCK with covers by Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. The Natal Walnut kit really cut through the guitar back-line and had amazing tone and projection. NATAL DRUMS AND PERCUSSION are quickly becoming big favorites with PMT House of Drums and are currently available both in store and at PMT Online.