The Boss is Back! 3 For 2 Compact Pedals


Boss compact pedals offer everything a pedal board needs. Whether it is a high-gain distortion, a classic spring reverb, a stereo chorus or just an EQ the pedals offer a high quality no-nonsense route to getting every guitar tone imaginable.


Boss’ latest additions to the range have incorporated a new and innovative technology called Multi-Dimensional Processing, which reacts intelligently to how you are playing the guitar, applying different levels and variations of effects accordingly (available in DA2, MO2 and TE2 Models). When you purchase and two compact stomp boxes you can get another for free from 12th November to 13th December.

Here’s how you get your free Boss compact pedal:

-          Buy any two boss compact pedals

-          Register your purchase on the Roland ‘My Roland’ website here.

-          Scan and e-mail your receipt to

-          You’ll then be able to choose another pedal which is up to the RRP the value of the cheaper pedal that you have purchased.



£55 Cashback on a GR55 & £100 cashback on a GC1 or G5 Stratocaster


If the 3 for 2 stompbox offer is not quite enough, you can now claim £55 cashback on a GR55 Guitar Synthesiser. If you’re unfamiliar with Guitar synthesis, the GR-55 is the industry leading pedal which can turn your guitar into any other instrument. Firstly the pedal can change your guitar – using a Fender Strat but want a Gibson? With the GR55 you can go from a single-coil sound to a humbucking tone in a flick of the switch. Changing guitar is just scratching the surface - Aside from being able to mimic any guitar out there the GR55 also has built in Orchestral instrument sounds, pianos, synth sounds and more – If you have crafted the art of guitar playing but need a piano sound in your latest recording there’s no need to have a piano or even know a pianist to help you out with the built in piano sounds. The synth also offers quick access to drop tunings, with a pitch correct system perfect for those who want to switch tunings quickly in-between tracks.


Roland and Fender have collaborated ith the G-5 and GC-1 electric guitars which have the special pickup for the guitar synth on-board. You can now claim £100 cashback on these models too, unlocking the full guitar synth potential in a classic, affordable stratocaster design package.


To claim, register your purchase on the ‘My Roland’ website and scan and e-mail your receipt to with details of your bank (sort code, account number). You will then receive a transfer of your cashback. This offer is valid until 31st December 2013.