Sabian Cymbal Vote 2014 Tours PMT Stores


It's unheard of for music equipment manufacturers give the chance to choose what's put into production. Sabian however, have gone against convention year on year with Cymbal Vote.


Drummers all over the world can now vote on a choice of innovative new cymbal prototypes, with the top 4 winning cymbals being released for everyone to enjoy. Sabian are known for pushing the boundaries with new cymbal concepts and this year they're being put to the test by dozens of pros including Chad Smith, Mike Portney and Rodney Howard. Voting ends October 31st with the winning models being announced at NAMM and available in PMT stores shortly after.


To make your decision on what to vote for, Cymbal Vote 2014 will be touring PMT stores across the UK:


October 12th – 13th: PMT Birmingham

October 19th – 20th: PMT Leeds

October 27th – 28th: PMT Bristol

October 27th – 28th: PMT Manchester


Sabian Cymbal Vote PMT Staff Picks:

With 12 Rides, Crashes and hi-hats to choose from you'll have to visit the cymbal tour to make up your mind. Here are our top 3 staff picks for a taster of what to expect in store...


21” AAX Groove Ride: Much brighter than it's HHX counterpart the AAX groove ride is tipped to be the big star of this years Cymbal Vote by PMT drum experts. A bight tone and exeptional feel, the ride works for drummers who want both a lighter ride or a hevier crash. Watch the Chad Smith Cymbal Vote Demo Video below (#GROOVERIDE):



18" AA Sick Hats: With ?uestlove drummer Chris Dave in mind, the Sick Hats are as the name suggests. Being a huge 18 inches in diameter and covered in 2 inch holes the PMT online drum department have aptly described the hi-hats as sounding like 'the moon falling into the ocean'. Filthy trashy sounds you need to hear for yourself! Sick bag not included. Watch the Todd Sucherman Cymbal Vote Demo Video below (#SICKHATS):



20" AAX Iso Crash: Combining a hand-hammered raw bell with 6 holes around the cup the Iso Crash projects a soft and silky tone with a massive attack. It's a shimmering, sizzling explosion to the ear. Watch the Todd Sucherman Cymbal Vote Demo Video below (#ISOCRASH):



Follow the discussion of Cymbal Vote 2014! @Sabian_Vault @PMTHouseOfRock #CymbalVote (to get involved with the discussion you can also hashtag your personal favourite cymbal see the sabian website for more info).