Alesis DM Lite – LED Illuminated Electronic Kit for Under £200!


Compromising of 2 cymbals, 4 toms and a hi-hat, the first thing that strikes you when looking at the Alesis DM Lite is that each percussion element is illuminated. The illuminated rings around each of the drums light up when hit – it's a feature surprisingly that hasn't been present in many electronic kits yet is an ideal way of getting feedback of what you're playing whether you are a beginner or more advanced percussionist.



Hassle-Free Installation

If you are new to electronic drums it can be somewhat intimidating setting up your kit at first. The DM lite is conveniently all pieced together straight out of the box, just unfold it and away you go - there's even a built-in cable tidy system!



Professional Control, Practice and Performance

Don't let the price tag fool you – there's a surprising amount of control in the kit's sounds. The kick drum for example is operated with a piezo-controlled trigger pedal which is velocity sensitive, feeling and sounding like the real thing. In total there are 200 built in drum sounds which contribute to 10 different kit settings to choose from. Once you've selected a kit; be it an electronic, rock or jazz style there's 30 tracks to play along with and a tutorial mode.


Endless possibilities with USB Connectivity

Don't forget you are not limited to the already extensive features built into the DM Lite drum brain. The USB feature at the rear of the brain works two ways; play along with your favourite track, streaming it from your computer or use it to send MIDI data to your computer triggering additional sounds and samples from virtual instruments and software. Considering many MIDI controllers can easily stretch past the £200 price tag the DM Lite makes a great alternative to smaller desktop MIDI triggers, especially for those from a drumming background.


The DM Lite is now available for pre order now for £199, and is due at the end of this month!